2012 Planned Exhibits

In 2012, the latest extension of the Portland Streetcar will open in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District. This will doubtless radically alter the future of what is arguably the oldest surviving industrial area of the city. As the area transitions forward, there is no better time to reflect back on what gave the Central Eastside its unique urban character and form.

To achieve this, three photographic displays will be created, to be placed on exhibit within the Central Eastside coinciding with the opening of the streetcar, in Spring 2012. These displays will help educate the public about the heritage of this area.


3 ft. High x 20 ft. Wide
Images: 12 in. x16 in., foamcore mounted

Large public lobby (preferred)
One display per street, Water, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues

Timing & Duration:
Spring or Summer, 2012
30-90 Days

To place this series of exhibits on display in 2012, the project needs both financial sponsors and hosts.

Financial sponsors make these exhibits possible. For more information, see our Support Page.

Hosts are equally vital. A host will need to provide space to display one of the exhibits during 2012. It is hoped that one host each on Water Avenue, S.E. Second Avenue, and S.E. Third Avenue can be located. Space requirements will vary. For more information, please see our Support Page.

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