The switching districts’ time may be over, and their presence not long for this world, but their memory deserves preservation. Your help can make that possible.

Financial support via PayPal has been crucial to the support of the project so far. The 2011 Preview exhibit at the City Club was nearly entirely funded through donations, all submitted via PayPal. All supporters receive acknowledgement in the project’s printed material and on this web site.

To place photos from this series on public display is not cheap. The primary cost involved is in the printing and mounting of the images for each display. Institutional sponsors go a long way towards making such displays possible, thus helping to educate the public about the region’s industrial heritage. To learn more about institutional sponsorship, please contact us.

One of the most meaningful ways to support the project is to provide space to host an exhibit of photos from the series. Currently we are looking for hosts for exhibits in the Central Eastside Industrial District for Summer of 2012.

Although our focus is on the CEID at present, other exhibits can be arranged for other locations. The project documented switching districts in other section of the city as well, especially in northwest Portland. Please contact us for more information.

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